Why us

  • Real World Business Experience Only: All of our consultants have extensive - from nine years to more than thirty years - Real World Business Experience prior to working as consultants.
  • Strategy Execution & Problem Solving: It is our experience that the main challenge in getting a strategy to yield the needed results comes not from strategy development (figuring out what the best strategy is), but rather from solid strategy execution. We are experts in both crafting strategies that fit and galvanize your individual organization or business unit, and in enabling execution to deliver the results necessary for success.
  • Outstanding China Practice: We operate globally but have a particularly outstanding China Practice with a team of exceptional and accomplished individuals (all either fluent or advanced in mandarin) with extensive and broad industry experience in B2B, B2C and B2G.
  • Delivering Results Cost Effectively: Our uniquely agile business model enables us to serve our clients and deliver absolute top performance and results. We do so cost competitively irrespective of whether you are an industry leading MNC a SME or a Start-up.

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